Saturday, January 17, 2009

They have pills for that?!?

I work in a small office with only 3 other employees, two of which are female.  One of the girls is a little bit younger than me and the other is about the same age as my mom. When our boss (the only male) is out of the office we tend to banter about anything and everything including those personal female things.  Most of the time it is just me and the younger girl that are talking but occasionally the older one will join in.  

On Thursday I took my first dose of Provera for this months induced "cleansing" cycle.  I don't know about anyone else that has taken Provera but I usually end up having major PMS with it so I have dubbed Provera the "B" pill.  When I took this first dose I apologized up front to my two female coworkers and told them to please forgive me if I am extremely moody over the next week.  The younger one just kind of laughed at me because she knew what I was talking about from previous conversations, the older one just kind of looked at me with this quizzical look on her face.  I went on to explain to the older one that I had to take a cycle of pills that turn me into a real Bi*ch.  She became very quiet and after a few seconds of this quiet contemplation asked "They have pills for that?"


the misfit said...

that is absolutely hilarious.

organize-n-mama said...

You are so great. I love reading your blog. You make me laugh, and sometimes cry. Love ya

Bee Bee said...

You are too sweet.