Monday, January 19, 2009

20 sticks of butter

I have lost almost 5 pounds so far this month/year.  Taking it one week at a time seems to be doing rather well so I will continue doing things that way and hopefully in the end that 5 pounds will begin to multiply.  Sometimes thinking that it is only 5 pounds and knowing how much I really need to loose can get me down so I developed this imaging technique.  When you buy a box of butter it generally comes in 1 pound boxes split into 4 sticks.  So for each pound I loose I am technically loosing 4 sticks of butter right?  So by loosing 5 pounds I have in essence lost 20 sticks of butter.  I then picture myself with all of those sticks of butter taped to my body in various places.  It really helps me realize how much of an accomplishment 5 pound really is. My goal...adding another 10 sticks to that week at a time.


organize-n-mama said...

Now can you find a way to melt the sticks in certain area's, and move them to other's . lol

The secret diary of an infertile said...

You are sounding so positive, keep up the good work.

the misfit said...

That's awesome. That's always how I get myself to accomplish big things I find daunting - study for a big exam, get in shape, whatever. Just seeing a little improvement makes me feel like a million dollars, and I have the energy to go back to the task and win another small victory, until finally I can conquer entirely.

Five pounds just so far is amazing - clearly, you're absolutely serious about this and you're doing something right. You're going to make it, I'm sure of it!