Saturday, January 31, 2009

A memorial to January

January; you brought me many gifts over the past 31 days. You brought me some very exciting hockey games. You brought me a little bit closer to my sister-in-law. You brought me more incite and knowledge. On the other hand you also brought with you a cycle of Provera which made me crabby and emotional. You brought with you the week of torture called AF. And for your final gift to me, you brought me my birthday today. Another birthday that I wish hadn't come just yet. Over all I would say that we had some good times and some bad times. As my gift to you I give you the 6 pounds that I lost during your time with me. May you take them far away so that I never have to see them again. I will always remember you as the month that I finally started to get it together and realize what my life is really about. While we did have our struggles, I will always remember you fondly.


the misfit said...

Congratulations! I am impressed with your wait loss ticker. Talk about fearless. And of course -


Mine is in about two weeks and while I become "old" and still childless, birthdays bring a sort of malaise, I am determined to enjoy this one at least a little bit. I get to pick the restaurant, right? That's always worth milking just a little.

the misfit said...

(There are some grammar errors in that last comment that make it a tad hard to follow. I think you can figure out the general point, though. Sorry about that.)

Bee Bee said...

I don't care about grammar here...its all good.

And I got to pick the restaurant today too. I also endulged in a bit of chocolate (okay a lot of chocolate). I decided that if I had to look this birthday in the face I might as well enjoy some of it.

The secret diary of an infertile said...

Overall I would say that January was a good month for you. I like the positive way you have reflected on the last four weeks. Well done on the weight loss, you sound like you are very much in control of things.