Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Before Shots

Since I am starting my butterfly project I thought that it was time to give my blog a face lift.  I also thought that I should post a new "before: shot.  The ones that I posted about a year and a half ago were focused completely on weight loss and that isn't necessarily my only goal this time around.  This time the transformation I am going for goes much deeper than that.  So, here is my before shot:

Okay, so I would never really go out in public looking like this.  But seriously, I really do feel like this on the inside sometimes.  Here is my real before shot:

I'm not going to do the full body pictures this time.  In all honesty they just feel degrading and that would go against everything that I am trying to accomplish with this project.  I am hoping that over the next few months and even years that I will be able to take new head shots and really see a difference.  Not just a physical difference but I spiritual one as well.  Maybe a real smile, and not just a fake one for the camera.

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