Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I got call "Sir"....again

I am beginning to think that this is much more than a coincidence.  Over the past 3 months I have been called "sir" no less than 5 times by 4 different people.  The first time kind of annoyed me.  The second time really ticked me off because that was the person who did it twice (she called me sir, took it back and called me ma'am, then shook her head and called me sir again).  I was offended the third time.  I wanted to cry this last time.

I don't know why they can't seem to figure out that I am a girl.  I wear heals.  This last time I was wearing makeup. My shirts usually always have some sort of very feminine design and or sparkle on them.  Don't forget the fact that I have to large lumps that protrude from the upper part of my chest too (sorry but it is true). I don't get it!  Has my PCOS really gotten so bad that I am giving off dude pheromones???? Is that even possible???

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the misfit said...

That's BIZARRE. Skirts, heels, makeup (and breasts) - if you WERE a man in costume you should be called "ma'am" with that many clues to make it obvious. I guess you have to assume that it's them, not you, but that would irritate me, too.