Thursday, September 17, 2009

More about the Diet

I didn't get my weekly weight in posted this past Saturday but it was 281.8.

I knew that I wasn't going to be loosing that week so I wasn't overly disappointed. I had too much on my plate last week to start my new diet so I started it this week. I am finding that it is a bit more difficult than I had thought it was going to be; but to be honest I was kind of expecting that too. I have done fairly well this week but I have slipped up a couple of times. Oddly enough though, I don't feel bad about those slip ups like I normally would. I just keep picking myself back up and trying again and that is truly a great feeling. I just pray that I can keep it up.

As for the diet itself I will give you a very brief overview. There are three basic rules that I have to follow:
1 - Every time I sit down to eat I have to eat at least on serving of protein
2 - I limit my carbs to no more than 2 serving per meal
3 - For each serving of carbs I eat, I have to eat a serving of protein
There is a bit more to it that this, but this is the basic idea.

I guess we will see how well I am doing on Saturday morning.

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