Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is that a glimmer of TRUE hope?

Today's Weigh In: 282

I haven't ever lost my motivation for loosing weight; I just didn't know how to do it. There have been diets in the past that I have tried and I have lost weight on them but I had to stick to them religiously. The problem is that I couldn't keep them up. I would stick to them for a couple of weeks and then I would fall of the wagon. I thought that this was a problem with me and that my motivation and willpower just weren't strong enough, but I have recently found some information on another blog that pointed me in a direction that I have extremely high hopes for.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS my doctor said "loose weight and it will get better." My fertility specialist gave me a list of 5 diets to try and then said if they didn't work we could look at weight loss surgery. I tried the diets and failed and them. I don't want to do weight loss surgery, nor can I afford it so I have still been plugging along on my own. My primary care physician diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome a few years ago. She put me on Actos and said "loose weight and it will get better." She gave me no guidance what so ever in regards as to how to loose the weight. It seems like all of my doctors agree that it is a problem with me and my willpower. They don't think I am trying hard enough. Heck, I didn't think I was trying hard enough.

The information that I got from this blog has led me to believe that maybe the problem isn't just me after all. Maybe there is more to it than that. I looked into the diet she mentioned her doctor gave her and I found a much more detailed version of it in a book called "The Insulin-Resistance Diet" by Cheryle R Heart, MD and Mary Kay Grossman, RD. This book actually explains why my brain may have been calling off those previous diets with cravings so intense that I felt I had not choice but to indulge. What I love the most about this diet is that (at least on paper) it looks really easy to follow and it doesn't seem like it is going to really feel like I am on a diet at all.

I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. With any luck this new way of eating will finally help me loose this weight. I have been overweight my entire life. I've never been able to go shopping a the mall for clothes. I have never been able to walk into any store I wanted and try on what ever I thought was cute. I have never been able to let myself think that I may be able to have a child someday...I may say it, but I never let myself actually believe it. You have no idea how great it feels to finally have some hope. I just pray that this works.


the misfit said...

That's great news. It does make sense that your diet would have to be tailored to your particular metabolism! (And my opinion with dieting in general is that you have to be allowed to cheat periodically - say, all calories consumed on Saturday do not count - or you will go crazy.) Can you explain more about what the diet does?

Secret D said...

Welcome back :-)