Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Mind the Big Rocks!"

Have you ever seen Robin Hood: Men in Tights? There is a scene toward the beginning when Prince John has his first encounter with Robin Hood. Robin slices through one of the straps on Prince John's saddle and John finds himself still sitting on the saddle but it is now strapped to the horse's stomach. Robin then sends the horse off while calling "Mind the big rocks" and you see the horse ride off over the hill with Prince John's head hitting the ground with each stride.

This is how I rode my horse throughout the month of February. In the past, if I have ever "fallen off the horse" I generally sit there in the dirt for a year or so before finding the motivation to get up and try again. I easily loose sight of my motivation and my goals. This time I didn't loose sight of my goals at all, I just couldn't seem to get upright on my horse and I kept beating my head on the rocks with every step forward. Now that I have finally gotten my horse stopped I have found that all those painful steps forward were actually steps in a great big circle. I haven't really gone anywhere accept for possibly a little bit backward. I have absolutely nothing to show for the pain.

Oddly enough, I believe that it was my youngest niece that helped me regain my footing. Yesterday we were over at her house and she looked at me and said "Aunt Bee Bee, do you have any kids?" Normally this would have broken my heart because I had to tell her no, but it didn't. It just kind of shook me back to reality. I guess you could say that her innocent comment helped me fix my saddle and get back up on my horse. Tomorrow I will once again set off on my journey...and this time I will do my best to "mind the big rocks."

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